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When I founded Plum Creek Wealth Advisors, I'd been in the financial services industry for a little over thirteen years. Where did it all begin? Well, I started out as the assistant to a senior financial advisor where I learned a great deal about the industry, financial planning and client service to name a few. I grew tremendously from that experience and when I was ready I became a financial advisor in my own right and worked very hard to find my way. I mean my way of relating to people, my way of helping people reach their goals, and my way of presenting options. It was a struggle because my "true" way, was not the way I was operating my business. I was trying to conform to the way other people had done it and that nearly drove me out of this business. Being a financial advisor can often be viewed as pressured sales, "in your face," "give me a referral, or else," and that is not me, nor how I wanted to spend my career.


RIght about the time that I had reached my breaking point, I was lucky enough to be introduced to a man named David Wood from Connecticut.  David is the founder and President of Gateway Financial Partners and he spends much of his time helping advisors build their businesses.  He changed my thinking on a number of fronts and helped me refocus my energy on WHY I'm a financial advisor.  Before I knew it, Plum Creek Wealth Advisors was born.


So our way here at Plum Creek is different. I mean it. Our focus is on you. Your goals, your challenges, your happiness. We listen and we help you develop solutions. We don't "sell" you anything. We find options that work for your challenge and we present it as such. We'll never force you into anything that you're not comfortable with and we will hold your hand through all of our processes if necessary. We'll never, ever force you to write down the names of your friends and family members that could benefit from our services. That's not us. If you like us and want us to help the people you care about, it will happen naturally.  We're laid back, casual and really good at what we do. Not many suits and ties around here. We want you to be comfortable ..and we believe we've built the culture to ensure that is the case.


I look at my career and I see the amazing things I am able to experience because of it. I talk to people all day long about what makes them happy, what their goals are, what challenges they have...and then I get to help them reach the goals they want to reach. Some of those people are in their 30's and 40's, others are in their 50's, 60's and 70's. I learn something from each of them. Each time I do, it's like a little gift and it helps me with my own roadmap for success and happiness. I'll be better for it, my family will be better for it and you'll be better for it because your experience will be that much better. My hope is that the families I work with will learn as much from me as I do from them.




John R. Crane, CFP®, CDFA™

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