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  Life changes. We make it easier.™


I'm writing today with exciting news about Plum Creek Wealth Advisors and our firm partnerships and affiliations. For the last six plus years I've used Cambridge Investment Research Inc. as my broker-dealer, and their affiliated firm Cambridge Investment Research Advisors as my Registered Investment Adviser. These firms allow me to serve you and provide a platform to manage your plans and investment accounts. The affiliation with Cambridge has allowed us to use other affiliated firms such as AssetMark, Pershing, and many mutual fund companies. The affiliations with Cambridge have been beneficial to you and to my firm. 


Beginning today, I've made the decision to take the next step toward further independence, allowing me and any of our affiliated advisors, to provide you with more independent and objective advice. Today I will be resigning my affiliations with Cambridge Investment Research Inc. and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors. My new affiliations will be Silver Oak Securities, Inc. as my broker-dealer, and United Advisor Group as my Registered Investment Adviser. This change increases our independence, enabling us to adapt quickly to the changing world without the constraints imposed by many financial firms.


I want you to know, this decision is made to provide you with top-tier services and a broader selection of wealth strategies. You, and I, will have access to advanced technology, additional solutions, and lower costs. My goal is to continue building financial plans and investment portfolios, focused on your goals, and done in a way that utilizes the best technology we can find, on investment platforms offering the most affordable and fair pricing. Further independence from our current affiliations allows this to become a reality.


During this transition, understand that your accounts are secure. The accounts, and management of your accounts, will not change. If your accounts are held at AssetMark, very little will change, if anything. If your accounts are held at Pershing, your new custodian will be Goldman Sachs and all of your individual positions will be transferred to Goldman Sachs exactly as they are today, once you've approved this transfer via the new account forms you will be receiving. Also understand, nothing happens without your approval. If you have questions about this transition, please call me or email me at your convenience. 


To make this transition, there are two steps. First, you will receive an email from me, AssetMark, or Goldman Sachs. It will contain a link for you to approve this transition to my new affiliations, and to open a new account on their platforms, if necessary. Once that is completed, there may be additional forms that will require electronic signature. If that is the case, they will be sent to you following your initial approval. I will be tracking each step of this process and will be in contact with you as this transition progresses.


Please know, every decision I make here is always with your best interest in mind. This is no different. The relationships I've built in this business, over the last 24 years, are based on trust, honesty, and doing what is right, in all situations. I'm excited about this next step in the progression of my firm and believe you will be too as you begin to see the benefits of independence.


I will be initiating the paperwork this week and you will begin to see emails soon. If you prefer paper forms, please contact me. It is imperative that you either approve the forms, or contact me, to be sure I don't lose access to the management of your accounts. 


As always, call or email with any questions or concerns. It is my privilege to continue serving you and I appreciate the trust you've placed in me to make decisions on your behalf.



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